Leave the Drains To Us! Drain cleaning services in pembroke pines

Water flows down a stainless steel sink drain

Pembroke Pines Drain Cleaning Repair

Our water supply is usually delivered so efficiently that it becomes easy to take for granted. Then a drain gets clogged and suddenly even the most basic everyday activities become more painstaking or just flat-out impossible. A clogged drain can have real consequences, ranging from short-term inconvenience to long-term damage to property or health. It’s important to call in a drain cleaning expert to address any issues as soon as possible

Grand Rooter has provided reliable and efficient drain cleaning services in Pembroke Pines throughout Broward County for over 30 years. Call the office at (954) 800-4216 or contact us online today.

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Problems Caused by Clogged Drains

Some of the immediate effects of clogged drains can be seen in the shower. The water just takes a long time to drain. If you’re going back to the bathroom five minutes after you’ve dried off and still see water, then the drain is clearly not working correctly. The same goes for the sink that takes interminably long to drain, or doesn’t drain at all. 

These short-term consequences are annoying, but the bigger problems lie ahead. That clogged drain can often be a forerunner of cracked pipes. With the clog preventing water from flowing easily through your system, pressure can increase at certain points within the pipes. So can bacteria and mold. Either one can lead to a pipe crack, which puts the homeowner in a very difficult living situation and a potentially expensive repair job ahead. Cleaning out the drains quickly can keep you ahead of the curve. 

Furthermore, the growth of bacteria and mold is likely to have a negative impact on the quality of your water. Even if you drink bottled water, you’re still using water for cooking. Taking substandard water directly into your body can lead to problems with congestion and breathing. It can cause irritation in your eyes, nose, and throat. 

The damage to home and health are serious enough in their own right, but there is one more consequence to a clogged drain–the increase in bacteria and mold can simply cause your house to smell decidedly unpleasant. 

We all put a lot of stuff down our drains, perhaps more than we realize. Even if we’re careful about leftover food, there’s still built-up soap and food particles that will inevitably go down the drain and slowly build up into a blockage. The same goes with the particles from soap or toothpaste. That’s to say nothing of toilet paper and other products that routinely go into most people’s drains. 

So, avoiding drain clogging entirely is no more practical than a person avoiding ever becoming sick. The key with plumbing health, as with personal health, is early diagnosis and quick action. That means understanding and heeding the warning signs. 

It’s important to learn the warning signs of clogged drains and then act quickly when they appear. Grand Rooter has served the people of Broward County for over 30 years from our Pembroke Pines office. Call (954) 800-4216 or contact us online to set up an appointment. 

Symptoms of Clogged Drains

The most likely warning signs will come from your toilet. Are you noticing the toilet is not flushing properly? Perhaps there’s the long, slow swirl after a flush. Or maybe it’s giving off some strange gurgling sounds. One way to test this before calling us is to run the nearby sink. If this causes the toilet to make noise or alters the water level, it’s a good idea to have us come in and take a look.

Warning signs associated with a toilet can also apply to other water-supplying areas. The slow drains in the sink are no less disturbing than those that come with a toilet. The same goes with the bathtub. If your tub starts to back up and fill with dirty water, you probably don’t need us or anyone else to tell you that it’s time to get a professional in there to take a look. 

The washing machine uses substantial water and puts a lot of pressure on the pipes. You’re doing several loads on a busy laundry day and find that an overflowing toilet seems to have uncomfortable parallels to running the washer. Or there’s water backup and pooling taking place around the washer itself. Either one is reason to be concerned. 

Bad odors, as noted above, if they can’t be explained by other means, can be the signs of clogged drains. It’s also helpful for homeowners to keep their ears open. Clogged drains like to make themselves heard, through rattling and gurgling behind the walls. If you hear them “asking for help”, don’t hesitate to call. 

Grand Rooter has spent over 30 years providing reliable drain cleaning services in Pembroke Pines and people throughout Broward County. Your life is busy enough without having to worry, or put time into dealing with plumbing problems. 

Just give us a call at (954) 800-4216 or contact us online to set up an appointment. And leave the drains to us. 

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