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Grand Rooter has spent over 30 years providing reliable diagnoses of plumbing problems, developing efficient solutions, and implementing top-quality repair work. From our Pembroke Pines office, we’ve served all of Broward County with a wide range of plumbing services. 

Call Grand Rooter with all of your Pembroke Pines plumbing needs. We can be reached at (954) 800-4216 or here online to set up an appointment.

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Leave the Drains To Us!

Sewer Replacement & Repair

Your sewer line is a single pipe that transports all excess wastewater from your home into the main municipal system. Problems with your sewer pipe can include both a clog and an actual break in the pipe. In the latter case, water can seep out, mold can develop, and both your home and your health can suffer. Clogs are inconveniences in the short term and can lead to more damage in the long term. 

If you even suspect there are problems with your sewer line, Grand Rooter can come out and take a look. The use of a sewer camera can pinpoint the problem and point to an efficient solution. 

Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater offers terrific benefits – namely, a supply of hot water that can be virtually uninterrupted when the system is working properly. Tankless water heaters typically lead to lower overall monthly bills than do old-fashioned tanks. But good maintenance is still necessary. Even with good maintenance, the smooth functioning of the tankless water heater might still be impaired by anything from mineral buildup to ignition failure to a malfunction of the ventilation system. 

Reach out to Grand Rooter if you’re having persistent problems with getting hot water. We’ll give you an honest analysis and a workable solution. 

Water Service Manifold Replacement

A main water service manifold, is a pipe system that goes into your home and distributes the water throughout. The manifold ensures that water is smoothly and efficiently distributed throughout your home. Found more often in newer homes, the water manifold can be both environmentally friendly, through saving energy, and also budget-friendly, in lowering monthly water costs. 

Therefore, it’s important to make sure your water manifold works well, lest the ripple effects be felt throughout the house and the life of your family. Grand Rooter will work with you on replacement. 


Damage to your pipes can be subtle, perhaps not becoming noticeable until you see an unexplained increase in your water bill. Or pipe damage can be blunt and direct, with rusty water pouring out the taps and water pooling at key pressure points in your house. 

Whatever the cause or however extreme the damage is, there are some piping systems that have simply run their course. The age of your home will give you a good idea of whether you’re due for a repiping. Another important key is the type of material your pipes were made from. Polybutylene material is common in homes built as recently as the 1990s, but that material has also proven unreliable. Galvanized steel and lead are even worse. Call the plumbing experts at Grand Rooter to give your house’s piping system a good diagnosis.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Clean water is vital for our health, and a whole house water filtration system has proven an effective way to provide that. From a single entry point at the main water line, your filtration system will basically clean and filter the water as soon as it enters your home. The result is clean, healthy water distributed everywhere from the sinks to the showers to the laundry room. 

Contact the experienced Pembroke Pines plumbers at Grand Rooter, either by phone at (954) 800-4216 or here online to set up an appointment. 

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