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Pembroke Pines Water Leak Repair Services

Grand Rooter has spent 30 years providing reliable plumbing services to the people of Broward County from our Pembroke Pines office. Early intervention is as important to efficient plumbing as it is to good physical health. Identifying water leaks quickly is the key to a cost-effective repair plan. 

Call us at (954) 800-4216 today to learn more about your options from our water leak repair experts in Pembroke Pines.

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Grand Rooter is Here To Help

Water Leak Repair

Water leaks that go undetected or ignored don’t go away. They often metastasize and leave bigger problems in their wake. Those problems start with higher water bills, but they can extend to doing structural damage to the house, creating unhealthy air to breathe, and requiring more expensive repair work than if they had been identified early on. Grand Rooter will work diligently and efficiently to diagnose your leak, repair it and leave you with a good maintenance program going forward. 

Slab Leak Repair

A slab leak can have devastating consequences for your home. This type of leak takes place right under the foundation. Some clear symptoms will be starting to see water spots on your floor, and those spots can slowly turn into cracks. If you even suspect a problem in the pipes below the foundation, it’s important to act quickly and call in for professional diagnostic services

Pinhole Leaks

A problem doesn’t have to be big to cause a lot of damage. The tiniest of leaks are appropriately called pinhole leaks. These small leaks build up slowly, usually caused by an excess of mineral sediment on the pipe’s interior that gradually wears away at the surface. A pinhole leak is small enough that homeowners must be alert to the small signs of plumbing problems if they are to detect it early. The monthly water bill nudging upward is one example, as is an increased presence of a moldy smell. These are signs of plumbing leaks–and they might just be a pinhole leak. 

Loop Leaks

There are circumstances when a piping system requires more flexibility. Pipes must contend with thermal expansion and contraction. Expansion loops are a means of allowing the pipe to better handle increased expansion or contraction. Detecting a leak in this type of piping structure may require a battery of tests to find out the precise location of the leak. One method of testing is to place colored fluid into the system and then see where it emerges. The sooner a leak can be detected, the more efficient the repair solution can be.

Drain Rehabilitation

Good stewardship of your drains can extend their life, and rehabilitation can help serve that purpose. A professional plumber can insert a liner into your pipes, where a combination of water and air pressure can work to create a resin lining that will protect the pipe’s interior. The increase in the integrity of the drains will help your water flow smoother, prevent leaks, and perhaps delay the day when the pipes have to be replaced

Our years of experience stand as a witness to our reliability in diagnosis and our effectiveness in delivering quality repair work. 

Call the office at (954) 800-4216 or contact us online to set up an appointment with our Pembroke Pines water leak repair team. 

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